Summer Tour Demo '11

by Circle//Circle

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released November 30, 2011



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Circle//Circle New Haven, Connecticut

We are Circle//Circle.

Emily Byram- Ukulele, drums.
Kayla Bastos- Banjo, ukulele.
Chris Cappello- Guitar.

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Track Name: Always Use A Napkin.
My mother let me get my feet and my hands muddy, my knees and my elbows bloody, she'd clean me up and tell me she loves me.

You're shirt and your shoes are not required here, sing into spoons and dance onto the couch with no fear.

And have no dear my darling, but live so safely for me.

You can try drugs and you can try sex but please do them so safely. You can drive far, far away from me but please travel so safely. You can jump off into the waters, but please will you fall so safely. You can fall in love with who you meet but please call me when he breaks your heart.

And have no fear my darling, but live so safely for me.
Track Name: Fruitflies
Poured myself a glass of wine, looked into my cup and I just sighed. Wanted to taste it for what it is and to drown the stresses of the hours. But you goddamn fruit flies, that infest my house in the day and the night, you beat me to it. You goddamn fruit flies, I'm flattered you think I have good taste in wine, but don't you know I was the one who wanted to drown.
Track Name: Baby, Oh Baby
Baby, oh baby, what do we have here? Someone is trying to disappear from the eye of production, from the eye of try. Baby, oh baby, what do we have here? someone is trying to live with no fear but we know they will too soon disappear.

Baby, oh baby, what do we next? you're laughing, you're crying and asking whats best, but we don't have an answer. No we have no clue. Baby, oh baby, what do we do next? Your heart is beating right through your chest. I can feel it, darling I hear it, but no one could have guessed.

Baby (When the sun rises up, make your day fulfilled before its goodnight)

You came, you saw, you couldn't conquer it all.

Baby, oh baby, what do we have here?
Track Name: Temper Tantrum
You're enjoying the roll that you've given to yourself as the devil on the shoulder of all your friends, but I guess I would rather be remembered for greater actions that being the one who just never did what I said I would. Stubborn and impractical won't get you out of the the sofa blue.

Throwing a tantrum in a common living space. I missed the point. You said you proved a point to yourself so you're satisfied but I missed the point. Stubborn and impractical won't get you out of the sofa blue.

You say you're just trying to enjoy the fun while you're young but aren't we all. Is this fun when you glue yourself to the couch and you tape these beer cans into the palms of your hands.

you fell asleep with the tv on again.