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The first Circle Circle demo is going to be full band, however we are not done recording. We made this bandcamp even though the recordings are just Emily singing and playing ukulele because we are starting to play shows and want to be able to tell people where to listen to us online so that they don't forget about us.


released January 1, 2011



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Circle//Circle New Haven, Connecticut

We are Circle//Circle.

Emily Byram- Ukulele, drums.
Kayla Bastos- Banjo, ukulele.
Chris Cappello- Guitar.

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Track Name: bird killer
When I'm ready to kill all the birds out in the woods, when I'm ready to steal the last song from their soul, I will bring no gun and I will bring no stones but I feel their bones breaking in my grasp and I will the air leave their little lungs out onto my face. Because these weapons make us weak, and these weapons make us cowards. You believe in a god that gave you these hands but you don't know how to use them.
Track Name: talking about the weather.
Just a few days ago all these roads were covered in snow I didn't think we would survive the ride home. Now I'm wearing shorts by the river skipping stones, drinking juice on the front porch watching the flowers grow. Here in New England, we know exactly how this goes but talking about the weather never seems to grow old.